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Welcome to the Winters I.S.D. Human Resource page. Here you will find many useful links for employees. Please contact Michele Alexander about the addition of new items that would be beneficial to district faculty and staff. For questions concerning payroll or benefits please contact me at (325)754-5574 Ext 2003 or [email protected]

Winters I.S.D. offers a variety of benefits to its employees. Below is a summary of benefits offered by the district.

Health Insurance - a variety of health insurance options are offered by our district. The total TRS, state and district contributions is currently $289.50 monthly. (Please see links below for current rates and benefits)

Retirement System - Contributions on all eligible compensation for Teacher Retirement Health Insurance are deducted by the Payroll Office for all TRS eligible employees .

Medicare - for all new employees hired after April 1, 1986. Federal law requires that 1.45% will be deducted to be paid to Medicare. The District also pays 1.45% to Medicare.

Personal Days / Sick Leave - all employees earn three days of local leave per school year, concurrently with five days state personal leave. Local sick leave is accumulated to a maximum of six days and is taken with no loss of pay. State personal leave accumulates without limit, is transferable to other Texas school districts, and generally transfers to education service centers.

Other Benefits -First Financial Group of America is the third party administrator of Winters ISD. A variety of benefits are offered to qualified employees at their cost. Please visit the link section for the First Financial website and an overview of benefits offered. Enrollment is done at the district annually.

Please visit other links with the Human Resource website for useful forms and information.

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